Below mentioned “general conditions of sales” have as a purpose legal regulation of the use of the services offered by

The general conditions of sales have to be accepted by all of the Subscribers who wish to use the paid services offered by the website.

The general conditions… are by all means a legal contract between the website and the Subscriber.

The access to the paid services by the Subscriber means their acceptance of the presented terms and conditions of sales.

In any case of the lack of acceptance for the cited conditions of sales, the Subscriber is legally bound to resign from the access to the paid services offered by the website. reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and at any time the content of above mentioned conditions of sales informing the Subscribers by the means which they consider the most appropriate at that moment.


This clause is intended to define various essential terms of the contract:


The websites of the network Buslead offer the service of submission of enquiries that allow every User to explain their needs through a functional form, which, after being verified according to certain criteria will be sent by email to all of the professional bus companies which can fulfil above mentioned needs.

Buslead is supporting their activities thanks to the Subscribers. In other words, thanks to all of the companies that decide to use our services by subscribing one of the paid plans of subscription.

Buslead does not take any commissions from the contracts signed between the Users and the bus providers’ companies.

That means Buslead is a completely FREE as a service for the private clients looking for the transport sector professionals.


The subscriptions are therefore the paid plans which allow the user of the services (the professional enterprise or freelancer) to access the contact details of the sorted-out by the geographic zone clients’ enquiries that have been positively submitted, verified and whose requirements the professional company can meet.

The subscription plans allow, among others, to receive the enquiries, sorted according to the requirements put to the system at the first connection, by email.

The subscriptions allow as well to access the enquiries through the Member space that is free to use by the Subscribers together with other functions that have a goal to simplify the connection between the company and its potential clients. Those functions are made available to any Subscriber at the moment of the purchase of one of the available paid plans or the renewing of the already-bought option.

All subscriptions include a 30-day trial period. To do so, a means of payment must be provided by the customer to be automatically debited at the end of the trial period.

The Subscriber may terminate his subscription at any time. In addition, 3 days before the end of his trial period, a reminder email is sent to him.

Only the Subscriber can delete his subscription and this only through his Member account. Once the withdrawal is made, no refund can be requested by the Subscriber.

The price of the subscription is cited including all of the taxes and without any hidden costs.

The Subscriber will have the access to their invoices through the Member space.

The rights that the Subscribers get while purchasing the paid plan cannot be rejected nor transferred to another User/Subscriber by any means.


The subscriptions are restricted only for the use of the professional bus providers legally registered as well as their employees.

The activity that is the main focus of the Buslead website, passenger bus transport (buses, minicars, minibuses, vans, berlines, limousines etc…) is differently regulated by each and every country. The future Subscriber has the responsibility to verify the existing law and obtain all of the required approvals and documents to be legally performing this profession BEFORE the purchase of the subscription plan.

Buslead cannot be taken to responsibility for any false declarations from the part of Subscribers concerning their status or the right to work.

What is more, being a high-quality platform connecting the clients with professionals, Buslead reserves the right to verify at any given moment the correctness of the information provided by the Subscriber and, in the case of the lack of information required or its falsehood the right to demand to provide the relative, official, correct documents.

In case of lack of the response within a reasonable delay or a refuse from the part of the Subscriber, Buslead reserves the right to suspend the corresponding subscription until the requested documents/information will be provided. The time of the subscription for which it was suspended is considered “lost” and cannot be used in any other period.


Buslead cannot be, by any means, considered responsible for any material or non-material harm directly or indirectly or by any nature that originates from the website usage. The information provided on the website do not bear any guarantees and are provided as they are. Specifically, to make the list of the responsibilities complete, Buslead do not guarantee the utility, accessibility or lacks of interruptions of the service.

As Buslead itself is not the provider of the bus rental all of the legal responsibility for the clients renting the vehicles stays only between the client and the bus provider company.


Any doubts, misunderstandings concerning the interpretation and the implementation of the above mentioned conditions will be treated, in the case of the lack of an amicable solution, by the tribunal from the place of location of the headquarters of NEOTRAVEL SAS – the owner of the brand Buslead ™.

Only the articles of French law, the only exception being the international laws, will be applied to the above mentioned contract for its implementation and/or interpretation.