General Terms & Conditions of use of

ARTICLE 1 : The purpose

The below present General Terms and Conditions of Use are the legal framework conditions of use of the services offered by the Buslead.en and the use of the website by the "User".

The terms and conditions must be accepted by any User wishing to access the site. They constitute the agreement between the site’ owners and the User. By signing up or otherwise using the Buslead services and website you are entering into a binding contract with the Buslead entity indicated in this document.

In case of non-acceptance of the terms and conditions of use, the User mustn’t use any of the services provided by the website.

Buslead.en reserves the right to unilaterally make changes or corrections at any time and for any reasons of all the content of the present Terms and Conditions.

ARTICLE 2 : Definitions

This clause is intended to define various essential terms of the contract:
- User: This term refers to any person using the site or any of the services offered by the site.
- User Content: The data transmitted by the user within the website.
- Member: User becomes a member at the moment of signing up on the website.
- Username and password: this is all the information needed to identify an user on the website. The username and password enable the access to services reserved to the User on the site. The password is confidential.

ARTICLE 3 : Access to the services

The site allows the user free access to the following services:
- Connecting with other Users
- The directory of the transport professionals

The site is accessible for free anywhere to any user with the access to the Internet. All costs incurred by the User to access the service (hardware, software, Internet connection, etc.) are at his expense.

The site uses all resources at its disposal to ensure high-quality access to its services. However, despite the effort put in keeping it at the zero default level, the site’s entity does not take the responsibility for any failures of the system.

Any unpredictable or non-controllable events resulting in a network or server failure are not the responsibility of Buslead.en.

Access to services of the website may at any time be subject to interruption, suspension or a change for maintenance or for any other case. The users do not have to be noticed in advance about such changes. The user agrees not to claim any compensation due to the interruption, suspension or change of this Agreement.

The user has the possibility to contact the website by email at

ARTICLE 4 : Intellectual property

The brands, logos, signs and all the other content of the site is protected by the Code of Intellectual Property and by the copyright.

Users must ask prior permission from the site for any reproduction, publication and copies of site’s content.

The User agrees to use the website content only for private use. Use of the content for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.

Any content posted by the User is his sole responsibility. The User agrees not to upload any content that may harm the interests of third parties. Any legal action initiated by a third party against the site will be dealt with by the User if it was the content uploaded by him that made the third party hurt.

User Content can be any time and for any reason removed or changed by the site’s owners. The user will receive neither justification nor notification prior to the removal or alteration of the content he uploaded.

ARTICLE 5 : Responsibility and the case of force majeure

The sources the information broadcasted on the site are deemed reliable. However, the site reserves the right of a non-guarantee of the reliability of sources. The information presented on the website is only for informational purposes. Thus, the user alone takes full responsibility for the use of information and contents of this site. The User ensures to keep his secret password secret. Any disclosure of the password, whatever its form, is prohibited.

The User assumes the risk related to the use of a username and password. The website assumes no responsibility. Any use of the service by the user which directly or indirectly results in any damage to the site should be compensated in favour of the site. The optimal guarantee of security and confidentiality of transmitted data is not provided by the website. However, the site is committed to implement all necessary measures in order to better ensure the security and confidentiality of data.

The website does not take any responsibility of the cases of force majeure, unpredictable events and the damage made by third parties.

ARTICLE 6 : Contract’s changes

The website reserves the right at any time to modify the terms and conditions specified in this contract.

ARTICLE 7 : Duration

The duration of this contract is undetermined. The agreement is valid from the moment when the User uses the website for the first time (the moment of the registration on the website).

ARTICLE 8 : Applicable law and jurisdiction

The French legislation applies to this agreement. In case of lack of friendly resolution of a dispute arising between the parties, only the commercial court of Nanterre is competent to solve the case. Any complaints will be accepted within the legally acceptable period under ordinary law.

Updated the 01/04/2016