Why should you work with Buslead?

Being a professional bus transport company you are constantly looking for new customers who could increase your profits.

Buslead, having the necessary experience and knowledge in the field, can help you out. We receive hundreds of enquiries coming through our network every day.

How does it work ?
- Check the customers’ enquiries: Receive the most appealing transportation requests from your region.
- Respond to the enquiries: Select the queries you want to answer and send your reply letters for quotation directly to the interested customers.
-Close the deals: You fix the details directly with the customers.

Start seducing them with unbeatable offers!

The pros of being a PRO :

Increase your profits
Diversify your customer data base by expanding the number of potential clients. You can do so by taking part in the tenders published on Buslead (the service is offered to : private individuals, associations, companies, public companies, travel agencies and event organizing companies).

Fill in your schedule
Increase the profitability of your business by optimizing your schedule. Fill in your empty slots and minimize the number of empty return trips by sending attractive offers. Increase your chances of winning the tenders. Build the optimal strategy by replying to the enquiries best suited for your needs.

Freedom of choice:
Reply only to the queries that interest you. The customer, having received the replies, will choose the best quotation himself.